Who we are

We strive for success
in property development.

Coreland is a specialist residential and commercial property development company based in Melbourne, Victoria. Evolving from our partnership with Monolith Projects, Coreland strives to become the leader of medium-scale development. We are passionate about delivering not only affordable and high-quality homes but profitable investments for property investors. To achieve this vision, we are committed to putting together the best development team, to collaborate with local and state governments and work with savvy project investors so that we can achieve superior results, project after project. All our developments are under the close supervision of our experienced project management team. Every aspect of the development is managed by the team – from town planning, building design, pre-sale, construction and even extending to body corporate. We are committed to implementing new technologies that contribute to environmental sustainability, as well as introducing socially considerate and innovative designs for reserving precious neighbourhood characteristics and invigorating the sense of community everywhere we go.

The core values of Coreland are not just providing the best homes to people, but also the best connection and most efficient resource exchange to ensure all stakeholders can benefit from our hard work. We always think beyond the time and industry boundaries to seek for potential opportunities or innovative business models. By utilising emerging management systems such as workflow management, finance management tools and others, we allow ourselves to operate in the most efficient and seamless way possible.

As of today, we have successfully delivered over $170 million worth of residential and commercial properties to the local market across Victoria. Our impressive portfolio includes luxury homes, townhouses, apartments, a renovated educational facility, a childcare centre and mixed-use community complex.

Coreland strives to be at the forefront of Melbourne’s commercial and residential property landscape. We are working towards greater diversity of future projects to suit different investment needs as well as accumulate more experience, connections and resources. We hope you will join us, and together we can build a bright future for Victoria.

Coreland’s professionals are experienced in sourcing locations with the best potential for maximising development and investment, while also providing a variety of lifestyle opportunities and conveniences. This approach is also reflected in the projects themselves, including floor plan, facility allocation, and interior material choices. The success of our past projects shows that our financial model is both accurate and efficient. We are keen to provide local residents with affordable and durable homes as well as delivering projected margin and profit to our investors. This is possible thanks to our experienced project management system and personnel. Every development we undertake is closely supervised to ensure the project delivery goes as planned.


As a young and passionate team, we are empowered by the fresh insight of not only our contemporaries in the industry, but also related industries. The current business market requires a dynamic and innovative development company that can benefit the stakeholders, and service that provides the greatest opportunity to optimise a booming market. Coreland has experienced professionals who specialise in acquiring and/or merging existing profitable development businesses to achieve more comprehensive services and targeted profit for our clients.


We are confident in our ability to deliver on promised returns on each of our project and are happy to work in collaboration with like minded partners. We believe that by combining the respective experience and strengths with a joint venture partner, we can deliver many more successful projects across Victoria.

Our team

We have carefully selected a strong, dynamic and professional group that makes Coreland stand apart from the rest. With years of experience, a diverse skillset and a commitment to a sustainable approach in their work, our passionate and energetic professionals are shaping the face of property development across Victoria. Our team have consistently delivered on cutting edge and innovative developments – making Coreland one of the most dynamic and exciting property developers in Melbourne.


Our project management team comprises of experienced hardworking project managers. The team have the necessary experience and skills to manage a development project from end-to-end and deliver on the best outcome. Boasting excellent knowledge about project development, they are also skilled in problem solving, time management and customer service to ensure every development is exceptionally delivered to all parties.

Our human resource manager ensures that every project is staffed with the right people to maximise the efficiency and results. Our stringent and diverse recruitment policy allows our partners and investors to have confidence in every stage of development, and allows us to be proud of our reputation of great people, delivering d great results. At the core of our business is our accounting and finance team. Our finance team is diligent and meticulous, with fantastic attention to detail and a strong commitment to ethical business.

Our business development team is comprised of a group of highly motivated people who are always looking into new perspectives and possibilities. The business expansion and social network we are so proud to have is the fruit of the team’s hard work. A successful business can never stop or keep still; the business development team is the engine that allows Coreland to grow and improve.

Our partners

Our hard work would be nothing without our partners. Coreland is fortunate to be able to work collaboratively with some of Australia’s leading property development experts. Our goal is to always bring together the best minds in architecture, interior design, construction and real estate marketing. 

The architects we work with are trailblazing professionals, creating a look that is modern, eye-catching, and utilising the latest in sustainable techniques. Their vision has proven time and again to raise the bar of building possibilities and visual aesthetics.

Our interior design partners complements the architectural design by creating living and working spaces that are not only functional but attractive and include all the features one would expect in modern living. 


Quality craftsmanship from our experienced local builders allows us to share our passion with the community, and give our customers peace of mind that their new home is built to meet the high Australian building standards. 


To protect our property buyers, we also carefully select the marketing and sales agents to ensure that our customers will receive reliable, ethical and trustworthy services.